This page will keep you up to date on any problems being experienced by Transworld at this time and in the past. If you have any further questions about a problem area and how it affects you, please feel free to contact customer service.

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 Recent Issues
Georgia Numbers 706-xxx-0514 Upgrade Schedule
Our numbers in area code 706 in Georgia ending in 0514 received a hardware upgrade by our local network provider on 6/9/04 but we are still getting some intermittent busies during peak hours. There is another bigger upgrade scheduled for 7/1/04 that will resolve the last of that issue. Thank you for your patience in that regard.
Virus Alert
We are receiving a significant number of calls regarding emails that went to our customers concerning their email accounts. These e-mails are not from us. This is a virus epidemic called The Beagle Virus that started 3/3/04. We are not sending these messages and you should delete any that get through. All ISPs are getting hit with this. We are adding filtering on our mail servers to stop them from getting through. However, a bunch have already gotten through as the virus was just discovered 3/3/04. Subject lines will be: E-mail account disabling warning. E-mail account security warning. Email account utilization warning. Important notify about your e-mail account. Notify about using the e-mail account. Notify about your e-mail account utilization. Warning about your e-mail account. It will appear to have been sent from one of the following addresses: management@yourispname; administration@yourispname; staff@yourispname; noreply@yourispname; support@yourispname. Please update your virus definitions today! In fact, we recommend that you set your anti-virus software to update virus definitions at least once per week if not daily. There are always new viruses popping up and you need to be prepared. Thanks.
We do not send virus reports. Do not open if you get one.
There is a mass e-mail going around that claims to be from your ISP. It says that your ISP has detected a virus and that you must click a link in order to stop the ISP from closing your account. DO NOT CLICK THE LINK. It is probably either a virus or a scam. Although we are not aware of any of our customers receiving the spoof at this time, a lot of ISPs are reporting this problem and it could happen to our customers too. Please keep in mind that we cannot stop these e-mails. They are coming from someone else. It is similar to trying to stop someone from putting your return address on regular postal mail and sending it out. On a related note, we strongly encourage all of our customers to install anti-virus software and then scan for viruses on a regular basis. Please update your virus definitions on a regular basis since new viruses get launched every day.